If you enjoy art, being in an artist’s studio, drinking coffee, having some great converstaion, then you might find some reasons to stop by every now and then. I am currently working in a variety of styles and have categorized them in groups as series’.

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Please feel free to comment on my work and ask questions.

Colorline Series


This is pulling together a lot of things I’ve been working on and inspired by, including a little painted bird I saw in Louisville.

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Annapolis Tea

36" x 36" Acrylic Deep Edge Panelboard   $1,845 This very old shop was once a tea room, and presidents drank it there. Or I think that's what I was told. It sounds good.

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Village Church

18" x 24" Acrylic Deep Edge Canvas   Original: Sold or $120 16" x 20" Metal Print The church was 1000 years old, maybe more, and sitting in the center of an ancient French village. We lit some candles and toured the deep basement spaces. Years later I added color...

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Collision Series


We have a cat named two and we call her twosey sometimes. She’s a lot fatter than she should be. Kind of like a monster that eats everything.

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Abstraction Series

Areas No. 4

There were 4 different layers and sessions to create this. I did not look at arial photos but they did influence me as I worked.

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I don’t have much to offer about this. There is some aerial influence and it has a lot of green.

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Outline Series

Harpeth River

8 ft x 24 ft Acrylic Panelboard   Please Inquire if interested in original or $400 16" x 48" Metal Print This is a very large painting done on 6 large panels. The scene is the Harpeth Narrows and from a panoramic photo I took, with my daughter in the canoe at the...

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