[bra_dropcaps style=’dropcap1′]W[/bra_dropcaps]hat fun this evening would have been had I known someone. Everything was perfect except for that one thing. Great food, great music (blues! my fave), great artwork, really good cause (raising money for arts programs!), lots of people wearing cool outfits, including some nifty bow ties. And you know I love bow ties. To top it all off, I got free beer. 2 bottles of Yazoo Pale Ale. Yum.

[bra_blockquote align=”]I started up the cruiser and Neil Young started playing Harvest Moon.[/bra_blockquote]

But my date spent the afternoon and early evening at the ER with a student suffering from a bad asthma attack. I’m really glad she was there for him and his mom. But I missed her. We could have danced together. Not that my awkward style would have been very much fun for her, but it was a romantic evening.

My painting, College Trees, sold for a tidy sum that all goes to art scholarships and supplies for kids in the area schools. Some of the art wasn’t even bid on, and the crowd was not a buying sort, surprisingly. However, there were several pieces that stood out and went for 1/3 or 1/2 of the valued price, which for a fundraiser is very good. I’m glad that mine was among them.

As I left, the moon was rising; a spectacular view. I started up the cruiser and Neil Young started playing Harvest Moon. Even on my own, it was quite magical. Next year, I’ll need some friends to join me. Put it on your calendar!