I’m headed outside to paint the Harpeth River! It’s a really big river, but I have a whole week to do it.

This is a live painting event beginning on this Friday night, August 2nd from 6-9 pm at Gallery 202 on 2nd Avenue in downtown Franklin during the Art Scene, (our cool and free art walk) and continuing for a week to August 10th.

Why in the world am I attempting to paint a gigantic (24 foot wide, 8 foot tall) scene of the Harpeth River – outdoors – in the summer – in public – in one week?

I want to make a big statement. Our river is more than just beautiful; it’s vital to life, including that of our kids, our grand kids, and their grand kids! Art doesn’t last. One of my favorite Van Gogh still life had a pink background that has already turned white. The river must last for thousands of years. We must take action to preserve it and the best way I know how to do that is to help people enjoy it. This will be a lot of fun! I’m even going to use Harpeth river water in the paints.

During the painting event, which will be every day from 8 am to 5 pm until Saturday the 10th, I want folks to come by and say hello, see an artist at work, see how beautiful the river can be, and hopefully support our conservation efforts by purchasing a river license plate. The proceeds from these will go further than you can imagine in keeping our river pure and fun. We need 700 more people to pre-purchase a plate and then the state will begin manufacturing them for everyone to buy. If you reserve one, we have a front plate version for you to take with you right then. All the proceeds go to the Harpeth River Watershed Association. They are a seriously amazing organization.

All week I’ll be posting on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter – a bunch – so everyone can keep up with the progress. Please share the story with me so more people will get into Harpeth River awesomeness! I’m putting in the entire week and giving the painting to the community because I’m counting on folks like you to jump in and spread the word.