Village Church


18″ x 24″


Deep Edge Canvas


Original: Sold



16″ x 20″ Metal Print

The church was 1000 years old, maybe more, and sitting in the center of an ancient French village. We lit some candles and toured the deep basement spaces.

Years later I added color to the very gray and dark photograph I took of the structure. 

I’m proud that the original painting is in the collection of an influential supporter of the arts.

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PAPER prints are on cotton archival paper (Giclee printing), with a soft but vibrant surface. Usually these are unframed.

METAL prints are very bright and colorful with a high-gloss finish. They almost seem to be backlit like you're looking at a huge ipad, so I really like them. I consider the metal prints to be a medium itself, because it enhances the images so much. They are printed with high pressure and heat on a white substrate. There is no metalic look to the image at all. Metal prints are the same size as the original if possible.

On the back of the metal prints are hangers that allow the panel to float 1/2" from the wall for a nice display, or they can be traditionally framed.

SCANS are made at the highest quality and color-corrected to make sure the prints are as close to the original as possible. To achieve the high resolution needed for large prints, often multiple scans have to be stitched together by hand on the computer.




I've always thought that unlimited was better than limited. Artificially inflating the price of something by deliberately creating a short supply seems... less than ideal. I would rather more people enjoy my artwork.

That said, the first 10 prints will be numbered, and have a personal hand-written inscription on the back.

Village Church

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