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I am an artist

Available very soon

A book that is almost finished being published, I AM AN ARTIST is a statement by the author, and also the reader.

The first part is all about tearing down misconceptions about yourself and the world of art. The second part is rebuilding an entirely new concept of what it means for you to say you are an artist.

The ARtists Manual

Available soon

This book is about 2/3 written and is a companion workbook to go with, I AM AN ARTIST.

In a sense, it’s the third part of the previous book, and tells artists how to do practical everyday things. Mentors for artists are hard to find, so this book is like having a professional friend tell you how he does… well everything important. It covers how to select essential supplies, set up a workspace, organize reference, and manage yourself as you move forward on your creative journey.


Available Now

A short but very informative book about prevalent myths that hold artists back. Full of stories and analogies, it’s a fast and easy read, that will set you free from several frustrations all artists deal with. This link goes to the Kindle version.