A life-long artist, Dennas has always been dedicated to helping other artists overcome their fears and/or more easily realize their creative goals. He has a couple of learning resources available, in addition to his books; a Nashville art school and a Substack blog you can subscribe to for free.

Firstlight Art

In 2006, Dennas founded an art school for KIDS, TEENS, & ADULTS in Cool Springs (South of Nashville, in Brentwood, Tennessee). The school-year program has 250 students in weekly classes, and follows a mentoring style of teaching. With 2 full years of curriculum in the starting course, Foundations, the classes are great for beginners and intermediate artists. Many accomplished artists also attend advanced classes.

There is also a popular summer program, with 38 camps for 4 different age groups in 2024.

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Word snacks for the creative side of your brain.

This is a substack blog you can subscribe to for free. Most of the posts and features are free, but if you support this effort with a small monthly payment, you’ll get a few extras. Every post also arrives in your email. These arrive from Dennas’ brain to yours, about once every week or two. Mostly.

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